Application tips

Only complete applications will be considered. Please include all the above paperwork when submitting your application. Students who have not yet completed their first degree may submit a transcript of their studies to date, and if they are subsequently recommended for a study place they will need to submit a final transcript as soon as this becomes available.

Initial application deadline: 1st June. Thereafter, we shall continue to accept and process applications but it will be the responsibility of students to ensure they apply in time for their papers to be processed (including visa applications in the case of international students) before the course begins in late September.Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and decisions conveyed to candidates by email as promptly as possible following receipt of an application in the department. Please bear in mind, however, that we are not the initial recipients of applications.

New applications go first to the central administration where they are logged onto the university database and given a student number, and this all takes time. There is at present no application fee.If you intend to apply for any university scholarships you should submit your application to study as early as possible, and definitely in time for it to be considered before the deadlines of any scholarships for which you are applying. Do not wait for a decision on your study application before submitting your scholarship application, but ensure that you meet the scholarship deadline. Please be aware that these courses are very popular and places are limited.